Starting Your Renovation Project

When thinking of starting a new home renovation process you may ask yourself, “How does this process work?” When you contact John Hancock Contracting, Inc., this is how:

  • Write down your goals and desires to make sure you have a clear understanding
  • Call or Email us to set up your free initial renovation consultation
  • Once we review your list, we’ll set up an appointment to meet at your house where we can further discuss your goals, budget and the feasibility of each project within budget
  • After our initial consult we will take your list, along with the notes from the meeting, and write up a set of “specs” for your job. These specs have a dual purpose:
  • 1st – The specs are a detailed electronic cost breakdown of your project
  • 2nd – The specs act as your working contract
  • Once the first version is complete, we’ll email them to you giving you the chance to review and make notes about anything you would like to add, don’t understand or don’t want done. (Remember, this is your contract, and this is the work that you will have done. If you are confused by anything please ask us to explain)
  • Depending on the job size, we may have to make edits and create new version
  • After we have a final version of the specs that suites both parties, we both sign the specs and make it an official contract.
  • A payment schedule will then be drawn up and finally….

The work can begin!

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Customer Review

Hear from our happy customers

  • I had recently purchased an older home, and it needed a complete makeover. There was a lot of work updating certain fixtures and the design of the house. Everything was so outdated I had second thoughts about this home. John and his company were recommended to me, and I’m glad I made the right choice to go with them. With some time and great effort my house has become what I wanted. My kitchen and master bedroom are very important to me, and they came out absolutely gorgeous. Thank you John and everyone involved in making my house perfect.

    Johnathan Harris

  • Project manager Josh did a great job assessing my project. My project was complicated and some companies refused to do the work, but John and his team were able to fix structural issues I had on my upstairs floorboards and they were able to fix rotted joists inside my floors. Lead worker Mike also finished off the job by doing a nice job refinishing my floors. The price was fair and they finished the job on time.

    Jamie Kershaw

  • John Hancock Contracting completed a 203k renovation project for me they provided me with quality workmanship at a reasonable price if I ever have another project I will be sure to call them back.

    Melissa Land

  • They give you quality work at a fair price!!

    Joshua Land

  • They are awesome. I hired them to do my 203K renovations. They stayed in my budget and made my house look amazing. The workers are very nice and they showed me everything they were doing when I would stop by. John himself is very nice and informs you if they need you do something. I would recommend them to anyone that needs to do a 203k in the Pittsburgh area.

    Angela Confer

  • John Hancock Contracting is the best primier general contracting service in the pittsburgh area. I have seen many of the restorations and remodels from this company before i decided they were the right choice. The workers were very polite and knowledgeable. They worked with me through all the steps from design and placement of fixtures, to my liking, to staying within my budget. I would recommend John Hancock Contracting to anyone for any home repair.

    Adam Kitta